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Maths tutoring - My work

In order to bring the subject some meaningful context, I consider it would serve to start a topic by initial discussing its value. Then I would go through some simple instances. I have to emphasise that there are no stupid questions, anything to assist a tutee's understanding is vital. After I have actually run through a few instances, I wish to have the student run through their personal case, speaking with me pretending they were the tutor and I was the student.

Many researches have actually shown that aiming to discuss an idea you have actually just discovered assists greatly in memorisation as well as comprehension. If I'm satisfied with their training, I want to test their critical thinking by setting a problem based on everything found out in the lesson, yet with refined changes that need the student to proactively engage with the work, as opposed to be on "autopilot".

Homework will certainly be set on the topic discussed (absolutely nothing extra intense), and even more lessons will be spent answering exam-styled questions before carrying on to the next theme.

During sessions I 'd like to encourage a rather casual, friendly environment. I have fun teaching, and also I hope students enjoy my training sessions, and also an unwinded mind is much better at studying.